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Couponing 101 Part 3: How to find the best deals

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Finding the best deals with couponing doesn't have to be hard! Here's a quick guide:

Welcome back! Part 2 of the series explained where to get your coupons, and today I’ll show you where and how I find all of my awesome deals!

General couponing sites

These are websites that posts deals from a huge variety of stores. They’ll post items and any coupons that match up, with links to print if those coupons are printable. Make sure you Like them on Facebook too, because that’s how you’ll quickly print new and hot coupons! I also subscribe to their email list because sometimes I don’t have time to check each blog every day. They’ll have everything they’ve posted throughout the day conveniently located in one email. Here’s a list of some of the sites I visit:




MoneySavingMom:  This site also has amazing recipes I use constantly! She also includes in her emails links to free Kindle books, some of which are couponing/frugal living books.

Store-specific sites

These are my favorites! These websites are specific to one store and will update daily with new coupons and deals to go along with them.

Kroger Krazy: I never used to like Kroger very much until I found this site. Kroger’s always been too expensive, but the girls here show how to get the best deals! Kroger’s Mega Sales are great if you plan wisely. The only thing to watch for is that they live in a different area from us, so their prices may not always be accurate, so pay attention when you actually do your shopping.

Meijer Madness: Another great site, because I love Meijer! These ladies also scout Meijer every week to find coupon match-ups.

At the store itself

I make sure to take my coupon envelope EVERYWHERE, because I never know when I’m going to find items on clearance. After Christmas, the seasonal coffee creamer went on clearance, and because I had my coupons already with me, I was able to save even more! I think I bought 6 bottles that day.

I use a combination of all of these each week to help me save the most amount of money! I check these sites every morning when I wake up to make sure I don’t miss any coupons. Next week, I’ll map out my entire grocery shopping process, from the menu planning to the store checkout!

Where do you like to visit to find awesome grocery deals? Post in the comments below!

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