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Breakfast With Bacon September 2019

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Welcome to September’s edition of Breakfast With Bacon! Each month I take a break from regular posting and give updates on our life so far. Come join me!

We’re officially a month into Kindergarten, and I think I can finally say I’ve gotten into a routine! It’s been so different having Allison in school all day, but it’s made me appreciate her much more when she’s home. It also means trying to get all the things done so I don’t have to when she’s with me.

It’s also apparently Fall, but you wouldn’t know it here in Ohio. It’s supposed to be in the 80s October 1st, and I just think that’s sacrilegious. I’d like to be able to drink a PSL in my hoodie with the back door wide open, thanks Ohio.

Here are some of the highlights from the Bacon household this month:

Favorite pictures

1.) I finally started running again! I’ve been dealing with hamstring pain for so long I quit running for most of this year. But after recently seeing a chiropractor a few weeks in a row and getting deep tissue massage, it seems to be working! My left leg was longer than my right and my hips were rotated weird, which contributed to the aching.

2.) I’ve seriously been loving my School Lunch Planner. Filling this out every week has saved my sanity on school mornings because I know exactly what to pack. Watch my Youtube video on how to use it!

3.) Allison and I volunteered for our church’s 5k again! Last year was rainy, but this year was perfect weather and Allison really enjoyed cheering on the runners and passing out water.

4.) One thing we didn’t expect about Kindergarten was the computer use. Allison has access to a reading website where she’s expected to read/listen to books and earn points. When she reads all of a certain level, she upgrades to more difficult books. Despite the fact this is on a screen, I’m glad she loves reading and asks to do this every day!

5.) One of Allison’s latest obsessions: Drawing and coloring. Especially Pokemon. I’m trying to encourage this as much as possible- even thinking about just buying her a bunch of sketch books for her birthday so she doesn’t keep using up all of our printer paper!

6.) Earlier this month we went to Cedar Point for BloggyCon! John and Allison got to play with my family while I learned a ton about blogging. I won two free instant-ride passes, so John and I snuck away and rode Steel Vengeance. I have to say, I felt pretty awesome walking right past the 3-hour line, and the 1-hour Fast Lane line to get right on at the exit. Totally worth the wait.

7.) I need to work harder with Allison on doing more jobs at home, but she still seems to be doing well for herself! She saved up enough money to buy a Polly Pocket playset. Yes, I said Polly Pocket! They’re back and sort of how I remembered them when I was younger. Sometimes it’s nice to see some of your old toys come back into style.

8.) My latest obsession: Pumpkin cream cheese. Oh my goodness. I’ll probably be using this on everything- pancakes, muffins, toast, a spoon…

9.) Allison and I visited a new coffee shop last week! It’s just 5 minutes from our house and sells coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and ice cream. Toft’s ice cream, to be exact- the same they sell at Cedar Point. I treated her to a Cookie Monster Cookie Dough ice cream while I got what was probably the best Pumpkin Spice Latte ever. They even have a Candy Corn coffee syrup, so I’m pretty sure I know what I’m getting next.

Life Currently

Current work schedule: So I’m still working as a receptionist, but I’m now down to 2 days a week instead of 3. Between that, teaching PiYo there 3 times a week, and my blog picking up speed, I just couldn’t keep up. So now I have an extra day to run and do a ton of uninterrupted blog work, which will really help!

Running status: I’ve missed running so much and I’m excited to get back into it again. My plan is to get a weekly massage and then chiropractic work at least twice a month to get my leg back in shape. Then once I can maintain that, I’ll be training again- this time for a marathon!! There’s one in October 2020 I really want to do… but until then, I’ll do some 5ks and maybe a half or two. Cedar Point is definitely in my line of sight again!

Looking forward to: Fall weather!! Monday was the first day of Fall, and it’s still been in the upper 80s here. I’m so mad. All I want to do is wear a hoodie and drink coffee all day, and Ohio still wants me to wear shorts and die in the heat.

What’s been going on in your world? Any fun plans for October? Leave a comment and share with me!


Sunday 29th of September 2019

Michigan is getting rain again this fall like we did last year. That affects our fall colors. We usually have some brilliant fall colors! Weather wise it's been getting cold enough some nights to turn the air conditioner off in the bedroom. As far as meals go, I'm a diabetic that needs to lose a huge amount of weight! I was raised on large, hearty meals, and if I don't make them at supper I am hungry the rest of the night.


Monday 30th of September 2019

Oh my goodness, I can't wait until I can open up the windows! Looks like I have to wait until Friday. =)

Good luck on your weight loss!!! I'm the same way- I need to eat lots of food to feel full. Look up the Volumetrics Diet. She gives lots of ideas on how to make your food bigger (Using lots of fruits and vegetables) so you can eat more and still lose weight!


Friday 27th of September 2019

It was 103 on 2 days this week . We don’t get cool temperatures until end of October here ?.


Friday 27th of September 2019

I have to say, I'm not jealous!!! Although I keep thinking that at this rate, I can have Allison's birthday party (on the 26th) at a park instead of in my house, lol.

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