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Breakfast With Bacon May 2019

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It has begun. Summer vacation is now here and we plan to take advantage as much as we can before Allison officially starts Kindergarten! And our weekends are totally booked until July, so we’ll see how that goes.

May’s been super busy already: An impromptu day trip to Michigan, celebrating both mine and John’s birthdays, Mother’s Day, preschool graduation, and now adding to my jack-of-all-trades list, teaching PiYo. That makes me tired just reading all of that.

Here’s what’s been going on in the Bacon household in this month’s edition of Breakfast With Bacon!

Favorite Pictures

1.) She’s done it, everyone! She officially reached 44 inches, which gives her two new rides. One of them was the bigger kids roller coaster, Flying Ace Aerial Chase. She didn’t ride during our first trip, but she got on the next time and is absolutely addicted.

2.) Allison had her first bowling experience this month! It was funny because for the first half of the game, she wanted no part of it. She cried and whined and didn’t want to talk to anybody. Then suddenly, 30 minutes into it, she stood up and declared “My team needs me!” and proceeded to finish the game. Five year olds, everybody.

3.) Mother’s Day! I’m in awe of how big she’s gotten recently. She’s no longer a chubby little toddler, but growing into an actual kid. It’s been really fun to watch.

4.) I have a nasty habit of going out and buying an iced coffee in the mornings. I’ll probably do it less now that Allison’s out of school, but I’ve also finally started using my cold brew pitcher again. This one uses the McCafe coffee, with Hershey’s light syrup and chocolate whipped cream; and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

5.) I present to you the most terrifying creation ever made. Allison was hard at work for 5-10 minutes, then said “Mommy, look at this!” Send help.

6.) I got all the free things for my birthday! I started on Monday with a free donut from Meijer, then Starbucks and Chipotle (with a gift card) on Wednesday, and then Firehouse Subs on Thursday. Calories don’t count on your birthday week, right?

7.) I’m super obsessed with snack boxes right now because they’re convenient to grab and go. These are EasyLunchBoxes, with 4 compartments each, and it’s been fun coming up with my own combinations. This one is turkey sticks, string cheese, grape tomatoes, and grapes/strawberries. What are your favorite kinds of snack foods?

8.) We went to New York over the weekend to visit family and a trip to the Strong Museum of Play was in order! They have a huge video game exhibit complete with information about Mario, Zelda, and Final Fantasy. I also want this Sims t-shirt because I was totally obsessed back in the day.

9.) There’s a mall in New York with a LEGO store so of course we had to take Allison! She’s been working so hard and has been saving some of the money she’s earned, so we gave her some of that to spend. She created 3 of her own figures and filled a container of miscellaneous pieces from a huge wall. I didn’t realize you could squeeze so many LEGOs in one container!

Life Currently

Favorite Book: I’ve actually been reading real books recently, like actual paper books. The one I’m reading right now is the first Percy Jackson book, and it’s pretty good! It’s kind of an easy read, which I like right now because sometimes I just need to veg.

Current Obsession: Buying snacks from my local grocery outlet. Seriously, it’s Summer and Allison’s out of school and the princess requires snacks. Actually, so do I. And you can’t beat the prices- $1.00 for a box of Cheez-Its, 25-50 cents for individual bags of snacks… it’s just perfect for road trips and the daily hunger.

Plans for June: Lots of road trips! We’re heading to Cedar Point and the Carowinds park within two weeks of each other. I’m also doing a 25-mile bike ride for church, as well as teaching PiYo twice a week. I’m pretty pumped, even though I know next month will be busy!

How’s your month been so far? Any good plans for the Summer? Share with me in the comments!


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