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Breakfast With Bacon May 2017

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Breakfast With Bacon May 2017

Another month has come and gone already! We celebrated two birthdays, visited Kings Island multiple times (even in the rain), and gone to the park more times than I can count. It’s definitely the beginnings of summer! I think the weather’s finally starting to behave itself and not be 87 degrees one day, and 60 the next; I wish Spring would just be Spring, and not turn immediately into Summer! Here is this month’s edition of Breakfast With Bacon, where I highlight some of my favorite things from this past month.

Breakfast With Bacon May 2017

Favorite Pictures

1.) I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in the past couple months. I completed my first 5k race of the year in March, and have another one in a little over a week, and I’m just addicted to running now. On a whim, I downloaded the Couch to 10k app, and this is where it’s taken me. In about a month, I’ve gone from just barely making a 5k (3.1 miles) to running 4.5 miles (with two 1-minute walks). I’m crazy for thinking about 10ks already, but hey: I thought I was crazy for downloading the app, and see where I am now!

2.) This is a “Oh crap, I have tons of leftovers to use up” salad. Another mixing bowl salad. I think John secretly judges me when I pull the bowl out of the cabinet. 😉

3.) Allison LOVES seeing the characters at Kings Island. It doesn’t matter that she already saw them last visit, or even the same visit. She still wants to run up and say hi. This Snoopy was really animated; he kept dancing and doing silly poses for pictures.

4.) If this isn’t a typical #toddlerlife image, I don’t know what is. Having to go through the drive-thru at McDonalds to get a Happy Meal and take it to Hot Head Burritos because my darling daughter isn’t an “adventurous” eater. At least we knew we wouldn’t waste our money buying something she wouldn’t eat!

5.) Mother’s Day at church! I don’t have many pictures of the 3 of us, so it was really nice to get another family photo in. We were all actually looking at the camera, so I call that a success!

6.) What, inside picnic lunches aren’t a normal occurrence in your house? We have one probably once a week, and I know Allison would do it every day if I let her.

7.) Action shots are my favorite. She actually let me take her to a new park! Tons of slides, and plenty of places to practice her new-found climbing skills.

8.) One of the first times we went to Kings Island this year, we visited the Starbucks; I got a frappuccino and I got Allison a cakepop, one decorated like a pirate. The next time we went, I asked her what kind of treat she wanted; I thought she’d say the blue ice cream, but she said she wanted another cakepop. We waited 30 minutes to get that darned thing, and she was so incredibly patient. As you can see, she’s savoring every bite!

9.) We started Allison on Financial Peace Jr., one of Dave Ramsey’s products. Your kids are really never too young to start learning about money, and we thought we’d start giving her age-appropriate jobs to do: Put away the dinner dishes, empty the bedroom trash cans, wipe down the bathroom sinks… we’re still working on how much money a 3 year-old should really get, and some days she just doesn’t want to earn money, but she gets pretty excited when she gets to put her money in those envelopes!

 Life Currently

Currently drinking: Coffee with my homemade coffee creamer. I’ve been experimenting with new flavors; last time I put 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and a couple drops peppermint extract. And this time I added 2 teaspoons cinnamon, and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract. It tastes a lot like a cinnamon roll, and paired with my pumpkin spice coffee, it’s just perfection!

Currently playing: Chrono Trigger for the DS. One of my goals was to play a video game for at least an hour a week, and I slipped away from that. I can tell my mind and soul have felt empty, because when I started playing it, I felt at peace with the world. I’m a huge fan of the classic games!

Fitness level: You can probably call it “fatness level” for the next week! I celebrated my birthday at Golden Corral Sunday night, indulged in a double-slice of a Dairy Queen ice cream cake Monday night, and I’ll be eating delicious amusement park food all this weekend. Thankfully, all that walking around will help balance it out.

Summer plans: Both MOPS and my monthly women’s group are finished for the summer, so I have some extra time to enjoy this next season! Our plans involve lots of amusement park trips, lots of water (Allison’s been begging to get out her splash pad), and generally just a lot more outside play. I want Allison to get in as much fun as she can because she may be starting preschool in the fall *sob*!

That’s about it for this month! Now it’s time to pack and get ready for a weekend of fun. See you next week!




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