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Breakfast With Bacon March 2017

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Breakfast With Bacon March 2017

March, you went by too fast. But Spring is here (although it’s been rainy), and I’m so ready to open up these windows and do some Spring cleaning. We’ve been spoiled with a few great days that were spent at the park, but this week it’s just been a little gloomy. April should be much more exciting, with Easter and the opening of Kings Island (I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for that!), but for now, here’s March’s edition of Breakfast With Bacon, a sneak peek of what’s been going on in our lives this past month.

Breakfast With Bacon March 2017

Favorite Pictures

1.) John and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on the 5th! Allison spent the night at my parents’ house while we ate too much food and watched Captain America: Civil War. In case you can’t read the paper, it says: “6 years, 72 months, 312 weeks, 2190 days, 52560 hours, three million one hundred fifty three thousand six hundred minutes, 1 daughter, millions of kisses, forever in love”. I love using PicMonkey for creating images!

2.) Be jealous. After devouring a huge cheeseburger from Five Guys, we headed straight to Cheesecake Factory. This monstrosity is the Chris’ Outrageous cheesecake, which is coconut chocolate chip cheesecake. Totally worth it. Calories don’t count on your anniversary, right?

3.) Allison helped me fill Easter eggs for an event at church. Not only is she working on her fine motor skills, she’s learning about serving and helping others. I can’t even count how many eggs we filled, but at least she has a long attention span!

4.) Meet Abby, Allison’s favorite stuffed animal. They’ve been inseparable since birth, and although she’s getting worn, Abby’s still a big part of the family. My sister decided to draw a still-life of Abby, as you can see on the table, and it’s the spitting-image! I absolutely love it.

5.) I don’t think we have enough Little People. One of Allison’s new favorite games is getting out all of her playsets, attaching them together in one giant circle, and dumping all her Little People toys in the middle. Good thing we have a large living room.

6.) When your salad is so huge that you need to eat it in a mixing bowl. I’d be ashamed of shoving it in my mouth except, you know, it’s actually kind of healthy. John just shakes his head when he sees me do this; but like I said in yesterday’s post, I’m making sure I don’t waste my precious produce!

7.) One of John’s childhood activities passed down: Painting with water. Grab a bucket of water and a paint brush, and let your kid go to town! She spent like 40 minutes painting almost the entire driveway.

8.) Usually when I get ice cream or dessert, it has to be chocolate. This time I wanted something different, so I chose the Apple Pie a la Coldstone. I’m pretty sure I found a new favorite!

9.) Another favorite activity is setting up a bunch of chairs and creating a “school” for her and her stuffed animals. And guess who gets to be the teacher and come up with lessons?

 Life Currently

Current weather: Warm but rainy! When I say warm, I really mean upper 50s/lower 60s, but at that point, we’re outside as much as possible. I love that we live within walking distance of a park, so we can just get up and go.

Currently playing: A mixture of Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Allison’s obsessed with the lifestyle games and I’m actually pretty surprised at how much she’s learning from them. Harvest Moon is a farming game, and I’m currently raising cows and sheep. She now knows that you milk cows and turn milk into butter, and that fertilizer helps crops grow. The other day we were driving home, and she pointed at some small bushes and said “Look! The turnips are ready to be picked!”

Health status: Getting tired of random sickness! Allison’s now had two ear infections in the past 2 months thanks to lingering colds. As soon as we get some consistent warm weather, I’m opening the windows and disinfecting the entire house.

Goal update: I finished my first 5k of 2017 this past weekend! My goal is to do one each quarter this year, and I’ve got the other 3 already planned out. The last 5k I did in September I had a time of about 39:40. This time, I don’t know my exact time but I estimate it to be about 38:30. The trackers for this race were Speedy Feet, where you attach a tag to your shoe and it’ll record your time. I got two tags in my packet instead of one, and I must have given back the wrong one because my time wasn’t recorded. =( But I know I did better than my last 5k, and that’s all that matters to me!

That’s it for this month! Next month should have more outside pictures, more Kings Island, and less sickness!





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