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Breakfast With Bacon June 2019

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Who else is now dying from the heat?

I shouldn’t complain too much, because I like being outside. It just seems like Ohio’s weather went from 69 degrees as a high all the way up to 88 and it’s just crazy. At least we were able to wait until the end of June to turn on the air conditioning!

I’m still kind of in shock that June is about over, because in less than two months Allison is going to be in Kindergarten. It makes me sad, but now I realize I need to take advantage of this Summer more than ever because she’ll be stuck in school all day long starting in August.

By the time you read this, we’ll be at the Carowinds amusement park so at least we’re celebrating Summer right! Here’s our shenanigans from June so far:

Favorite Pictures

1.) It’s not every day we get all dressed up! We went to a wedding earlier this month and it was actually pretty fun getting all fancy. Unfortunately, Allison now wants to wear dresses all day, every day.

2.) We have a local ice cream shop that has really good soft serve, including the same blueberry flavor that Kings Island has. Allison chose a chocolate shake; and when I ordered her the small, she kept piping up with “No, I want a medium!” I’m pretty sure that small cup is big enough, darling.

3.) I got an email from a blogger recently who does morning homeschool baskets with her kids. I thought it was a super idea, so I went to Dollar Tree and got some supplies! This basket is something Allison can only get out in the mornings, and it has a mixture of educational, artistic, and thinking activities. So far, she loves it!

4.) We went to Cedar Point a couple weeks ago! One of our favorite things to do is chase down characters like we’ll never see them again. We got rained out Saturday, but still managed to have fun! This weekend we’ll be at the Carowinds park where it’ll be around 90 degrees, so pray for our sanity.

5.) I took Allison to the mall the other day; and as we were walking toward the play area, Allison suddenly pointed and shouted, “Look, it’s Mario!” These cutouts were seriously like a mile away, I don’t even know how she saw them. In either case, I’m proud of her nerdiness.

6.) This was probably our favorite meal out of the entire Dollar Tree menu. You can’t really go wrong with pasta and Alfredo sauce, though. John’s highly insisting I make something like this again, so we’ll see.

7.) We love storytime at the library! Unfortunately, this is the last couple months Allison will be able to go because she’ll be in Kindergarten. Makes me sad, because she’s been coming to storytime since before she turned 1. But she’s about to have some bigger and better adventures.

8.) Do me a favor, and don’t buy this chicken sausage at Dollar Tree. The ingredients are really good, but it had a strange smell while cooking and now I’m completely turned off by it. Glad I could be your guinea pig for a week!

9.) This past Saturday I rode 25 miles with some friends in a charity bike ride for church! We were raising money to feed kids in Africa. You could choose to ride 25, 50, or 100 miles, and we did the 25 in about 2 1/2 hours. And being the crazies that we are, we all decided to try the 100 miles next year, so wish us luck!

Life Currently

Currently Reading: The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. I’ve been reading a bit of young adult fiction recently, just to give my brain a rest from all the hard stuff. It’s pretty good so far, and easy reading for the long car trips we’ve been taking recently!

Favorite Drink: I’m currently obsessed with Dunkin’s cold brew! I was just introduced to it last month, and let’s just say I’m glad there’s not a Dunkin near my house… yet. Too bad it’s like $3.00 for a large.

Current Work Schedule: I’m filling up my life for sure! Currently, I’m teaching PiYo twice a week, doing receptionist work one day a week, and spending 10-14 hours each week on the blog. Plus I’m getting ready to teach once a month on various topics like meal planning and meal prep. At least I can say life isn’t boring.

Currently Watching: Right now I’m trying to catch up on Markiplier’s videos. He’s a Youtuber who plays a lot of horror games, and is overall just an awesome guy. He’s originally from Cincinnati, and I actually got to see him at Kings Island last month!

What’s been going on in your world recently? Share below in the comments!

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