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Breakfast With Bacon June 2017

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Breakfast With Bacon June 2017

Hurray for summer! So far it’s been pretty nice. June started off with horribly hot weather; what’s up with this 90 degrees stuff? This week, though, has been about 70 as the high and it’s been wonderful. We’ve been getting outside more and playing, and the addition of a new inflatable pool in our backyard means even more fun.

Breakfast With Bacon is when I share all the happenings of the current month; I like giving these updates, to give you a sneak peek into our lives and just share what’s on my mind. Here’s what’s been going on this month:

Breakfast With Bacon June 2017

Favorite Pictures

1.) Allison and I participated in a race earlier this month! I ran my 5K in 35:16, and Allison ran/walked a half-mile color run. She had a blast stopping for the people who were tossing colored powder at her. We’re proudly displaying her number and medal in the hallway!

2.) Allison’s first words when she saw my snack: “Mommy, that’s not a snack. That’s a lunch!” #mydaughtercalledmefat

3.) We went to Cedar Point at the end of May and this ride was one of her favorites- the Tiki Twirl, or as she calls it, the “Twinkie Twirl”. It spins in circles, and I can only do it 0.5 times before I get sick and have to sit out the rest of the day. Getting old means more motion sickness- at least for me!

4.) For whatever reason, she decided to make an indoor campout in the middle of the hallway. Complete with all the blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. And then wanted to play with her tablet in there while I cooked dinner.

5.) Have you tried this International Delight One-Touch Latte? I got it as part of a Free Friday Download at Kroger and it’s so good! It’s basically a frothing coffee creamer, but much better than regular creamer. A full serving is 120 calories, which is pretty good compared to what you’d find at a coffee shop.

6.) Three days before our Cedar Point trip, Allison woke up and couldn’t put pressure on her knee. Couldn’t walk, couldn’t stretch out her leg. We took her to the doctor and got X-rays, which showed nothing. The only thing I can think of is that she twisted her knee in bed that night; she sleeps sideways in her bed, which she’s too tall for, and her leg must have gotten stuck in the bars. She just looked so pitiful laying there; thankfully, she was back to normal a few days later!

7.) Total mom fail moment: I thought I’d be healthy and make some black bean brownies, because Allison needs some extra nutrients in her crackers-and-cheese diet. They look delicious…. but I realized, after I baked them and took a bite, that I had put cumin in my homemade freezer black beans. They just weren’t good, at all. Couldn’t get them past Allison’s delicate palate, either. So, I’ll have to remember this for next time!

8.) We were able to have a picnic lunch with John the other day at a park! It was super hot, but one of the only non-rainy days that week. It’s so nice that John works so close to home, and is able to go somewhere on his lunch break to spend a little time with us!

9.) Allison built most of this (the whirly part, anyway) at church last week and wanted a picture. She keeps going back and forth about what she wants to be when she grows up; first a vet, now a builder. You can be whatever you want, girl!

Life Currently

Currently eating: All the sweet breakfast items. French toast, pancakes, waffles… I’m usually a fan of eggs, sausage, and bagels, but something about this sweet stuff is so comforting! Instead of syrup, I mix together Greek yogurt and peanut butter powder and spread it on top for some extra protein.

Current obsession: Saving up my Swagbucks for a Fitbit Blaze! The wristband on my Charge HR is breaking… again. The whole Fitbit is one piece, so if the wristband breaks, you have to buy a whole new device. The Blaze has a detachable wristband, and is much prettier, so I’ve been working on Swagbucks like crazy. Like earning $5.00 a day crazy. This Fitbit has a $200.00 pricetag, and I’m only $25.00 away from being able to buy one on Amazon. It’s only taken me about a month; I’m just a tad insane.

Running status: On fire! I ran my first mock 10K (6.2 miles) with some friends last week and I felt amazing. It’s funny how sometimes you look at where you are now, and realize that months ago you never even dreamed that you could be where you are today. Two years ago I’d never even consider running; 4 months ago, I would have laughed if you asked me about doing half marathons. Now here I am, working on a half marathon goal for 2018. If you think something is impossible right now, just keep plugging along; a few months down the road, what was once impossible will seem too easy!

Anything fun and exciting happening in your life right now? Share with us down below; I’d love to hear about it!


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