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Breakfast With Bacon July 2019

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It’s kind of funny. I absolutely dislike hot weather and would rather avoid it at all costs. But for some reason, I’ve really been enjoying this Summer.

Maybe it’s because I know Allison’s starting Kindergarten in a few weeks and we’re fitting in a ton of fun activities before the big girl life begins. She’s almost 6 and has definitely become her own person, and is much more fun to hang out with.

We still have a couple more trips left in us (Like Cedar Point today!), but now we’re starting to wind down and really get ready for school. Here’s what’s been going on in the Bacon household in July:

Favorite pictures

1.) This is a huge moment in the Bacon family history. Ever since we started going to Kings Island when Allison was 2, she’s hated this ride- Kite Eating Tree. It makes a loud noise as it goes up and down and we could never get near it; she’s always had sensitivity to loud sounds and still does. However, just this month she faced her fears and got on it- and LOVED it! She’s now officially ridden every kid ride at Kings Island.

2.) Have you ever visited a 5 Below store? Their items all cost 5 dollars or less and you can find some really cool things there. I splurged this month and bought a coloring book and markers- but these markers have two sides. One is a regular marker, but the other end is like a paint brush and it just feels so satisfying coloring with it. I’ve since bought another set on Amazon that has more colors!

3.) We had a partial girl’s day at Kings Island- some of it was spent with cousins, but then we split off. It was a really hot day, and I’m a sucker for a pretty face, so we got Starbucks while we were these. Those cookie dough cake pops are no joke, man.

4.) I’ve been trying to take Allison to a new park once a week, and I think we found a winner. This park is 30 minutes away, but it has a REALLY long slide that follows a tall hill, and this spinning seat thing. Seriously, Allison spun around for like 10 minutes straight without getting sick. And then she made me get on it, which only took 10 seconds for me to get super dizzy.

5.) One tradition we’ve been doing recently is having dinner and a movie at least a couple times a month. I was able to introduce Allison to the original Batman movie with Adam West and she loved it. My favorite part, every single time, is the Shark Repellent Spray.

6.) Prime Day steal! I had a bunch of Amazon gift cards and I wanted to see what was on sale; so of course I had to look up LEGOs. This one, Mia’s Tree House, was like $6.00 off, and I knew she’d been wanting it. Not like we need more LEGOs; but it’s always fun to watch her put the sets together without help.

7.) Two contradictory things happened this day: I used the oven on one of the hottest days of the week; and I brought chocolate chip cookies to my Healthy Meal Planning class. The irony was not lost on my students, trust me. But that didn’t stop us from indulging.

8.) We visited a local Metropark last week and visited the children’s garden which had a water area Allison could play in. While she splashed around, I took photos of the local wildlife. I’ve never seen a butterfly this big before; it was as big as my hand and absolutely beautiful.

9.) This is what happens when I bring my sister to the children’s museum. Her creativity astounds me and I love seeing what she does. She made my logo, by the way. Check out her site if you’re ever interested in art commissions!

Life Currently

Currently listening to: The Crystal Paine Show podcast. She’s the owner of Money Saving Mom and I absolutely adore her! She’s going to be speaking at a blogging conference I’m attending in September and I’m just giddy thinking about it. I’m hoping to get to meet her afterward!

Currently addicted to: Cold brew, and it’s bad that I keep buying it instead of making my own. Somehow it just doesn’t taste as good. Panera is the latest place to serve cold brew and it’s SO amazing.

Current workout: PiYo, PiYo, and more PiYo! Now that I’ve become an instructor, I’m obsessed with learning the routines, memorizing them, and then teaching them to others twice a week. The DVDs are great, but there’s something beautiful about doing it live. Check Beachbody Live’s website to see if you have any classes in your area!

New favorite kitchen appliance: My air fryer! My parents gave us a Gourmia air fryer recently and I finally tried it out this week. In 15 minutes I had perfectly crispy roasted potatoes, and now I’m hooked. My next experiment will be cooking frozen vegetables, and baking a cake. Yes, apparently you can bake a cake in an air fryer. I’ll, um, keep you posted.

What’s been going on in your life recently? Are you looking forward to school starting again? Leave a comment and let me know!

Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving

Sunday 28th of July 2019

I will definitely be a fan girl at that session of Crystal's with you! I have long admired her, and am excited that at my first blog conference (finally!), Crystal will be there! Looking forward to meeting you too!


Monday 29th of July 2019

YAY! Yes, we'll definitely have to find each other! =)


Friday 26th of July 2019

Sounds like a fun July! Once kids start school time goes by so fast. Enjoy all of the time off!

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