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Breakfast With Bacon July 2018

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It’s hard to believe that we only have another full month of Summer left. I’m not usually a Summer person, but for some reason this year has been so much fun! I think it’s all the Kings Island trips; but even past that, we’ve been spending a lot more time outside, which I’ve been loving. Allison’s such a water baby and we’ve been doing lots of splash pads and playing in the small pool in our backyard.

July’s been packed full of fun things; and while this post can’t fully do it justice, I’ve collected the highlights into this month’s Breakfast With Bacon post. Here’s what’s been going on in the Bacon household:

Favorite Pictures

1.) This may not look like much, but this child totally surprised us at Small Group earlier this month. See, Allison pretty much lives on bread and cheese; she won’t eat any kind of soups, pasta/mac and cheese, veggies, most meats… so when we picked her up and she wanted to take home her second bowl of pasta with Parmesan cheese, I was in shock! Not to mention super proud. Of course, the next day I made the same kind of pasta, only whole wheat… and she refused to eat it. I’ll never understand young children.

2.) Allison got a LEGO table for Christmas last year, and it’s amazing for keeping all her bricks contained in one place! The problem, of course, was finding the pieces you needed. With a $3.00 fix from the Dollar Tree and like 2 hours of work, all of her LEGOs are nice and organized by color and it just makes this nerd happy every time I lift the lid to look at this.

3.) Speaking of LEGO, Allison’s been working very hard to earn money because she wants to buy new toys. We bought Financial Peace Jr. from Dave Ramsey, and she’s been learning the importance of patience and how working hard will get you what you want. She’s not always keen to do ALL the chores, so progress is slow… but we’ve come up with a new reward system that seems to motivate her. Perhaps I’ll do a post about it in the future in case you’re struggling with your children, too.

4.) You may have seen this on my Instagram, but I ended up making homemade Clif bars. Since we’ve lowered our grocery budget, I’ve challenged myself to make as much of my food as I can and not buy things like snack bars. These Clif bars taste good, but are a bit crumbly. They’re a little better eaten right out of the fridge, but even then they fall apart a little after a couple bites. I’ll have to try again and pack the mixture down more in the pan before refrigerating them!

5.) The last time we went to Kings Island, Allison really wanted to see Peppermint Patty. I was on my way to fill up our waters when I spotted her in the shade, and I made a mad dash to get a picture to show Allison. I always feel awkward as a grown woman asking to get my picture taken with a character, especially with no child in sight; but I’m sure they’re used to that sort of thing.

6.) Sloths usually aren’t very interesting… this one in particular is always sleeping when we visit him at our children’s museum. But earlier this month he was awake and just happily climbing at a snail’s pace all around his cage. As my sister’s boyfriend put it, he was out for his morning jog; and for some reason, watching him was the highlight of our entire visit.

7.) This particular visit to Kings Island included a few hours at the waterpark. On a 90-degree and sunny day. We got to the park at 10:30 and left around 5:30 I think, so it was a pretty full day. I swear, we weren’t even out of the parking lot and she was just out like a light. And this doesn’t happen much anymore; usually she’s just a huge chatterbox and wants to ask us life questions while we’re just struggling to stay awake.

8.) I’m SO excited to be back to running again! I’ve been having hamstring issues, and I think I finally figured out the problem- the treadmill. My issues started in October, which is when I joined the gym; that, paired with pretty much no strength training, put a lot of stress on my hamstring. After a month of not running and experimenting with things, the aching is just about gone! I did 5 miles this past Saturday, the longest I’ve done since my half marathon last month, and it felt AMAZING.

9.) Last Friday was a cold rainy day. We planned to go to Kings Island but the storms held us back; so instead we visited our local ice cream shop! Allison requested chocolate ice cream with Oreos, and I got a hot fudge sundae, which I’m pretty sure was a 16-ounce cup full of ice cream and fudge. I ate so much ice cream I got a stomachache, haha. That was enough sugar to keep me away from sweet stuff for awhile.

Life Currently

Currently Reading: Well, listening to- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I’m almost done with the series, and I’m sort of at a loss of what to read next. I tried to get back into Terry Brooks, but it just can’t hold my interest. Any good fantasy/science fiction series you can suggest?

Looking Forward To: School starting! Kind of. I’m actually really enjoying Summer this year; maybe because I actually like being outside now. I’ve been encouraging Allison to get out and be active, and we’ve been visiting new parks. But, I am looking forward to school so we can have some sort of routine again. She’ll be going 5 days a week this year instead of 3! I’ll have 2 1/2 hours each morning to get things done, and it will be glorious.

Favorite Food: Right now it’s Kings Island’s Coney Island BBQ restaurant. Amusement parks have done a great job recently of creating better options than just hamburgers and fries. This place sells pulled pork, roasted chicken… my current favorite is the smoked sausage dipped in this Carolina mustard. The baked beans were okay, but I usually get a baked sweet potato. Not bad for amusement park food!

Half Marathon Status: Seven weeks and counting! This particular half is at an Air Force Base and will be the biggest race I’ve done. I’ve really been wanting to get out there and either spectate or participate; and I’m so excited to be part of it this year! Now I just have to build up my running pace again, because taking off for a month left me a little weak. It seems to be coming back fast, though!

What’s been going on in your life recently? I’d love to hear about it!

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