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Breakfast With Bacon July 2017

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Breakfast With Bacon July 2017

Hello and goodbye, July! Summer’s about halfway over now and we’ve been spending our time playing at parks, taking advantage of our amusement park season passes, and drinking lots of iced coffee. I think this might be one of our most fun summers yet! Here is July’s edition of Breakfast With Bacon, where I share what’s been going on in the Bacon household over the past month.

Breakfast With Bacon July 2017

Favorite Pictures

1.) I checked my Panera Bread account at the beginning of the month and saw I had a reward for a free bagel every day in July! I haven’t been every single day (Although I’ve really wanted to), but I’ve been able to enjoy one here and there, especially on bagel dates with this one. The chocolate chip bagels are awesome, but I really like the whole wheat ones for breakfast!

2.) I got my new Fitbit this month! I’ve been working really hard earning Swagbucks, and I saved up $200 in about a month and a half. The Fitbit Blaze went on sale for $139 on Prime Day, so I jumped on it and I’m now the proud owner of pretty much the best Fitbit ever. My favorite part is the workout mode, where I can connect my Fitbit to my phone’s GPS and track my runs. All I have to do is look at my tracker while I run and it’ll give me my pace in real time, which is what I’ve been looking for in a new Fitbit. Overall, I’m totally happy!

3.) She’s such a camera hog. One Wednesday this month was Costume Day at church, and Allison chose to wear her Snow White dress.

4.) How to get your kid to eat healthy: Let her eat from your plate! I bought some quinoa pita chips and red pepper hummus; and usually Allison wouldn’t even touch it, but there’s something magical about eating Mommy’s food. She pretty much took the whole plate and went to town.

5.) We went amusement park crazy this month! On 4th of July weekend, we went to Kings Dominion in Virginia, where it was unbearably hot and sunny. Like, 93 degrees. Allison’s never seen Schroeder at Kings Island or Cedar Point, so when I saw him while walking to Starbucks, I had to stop and get a picture to show her that yes, he really exists!

6.) I’m turning my child into a gamer, and I couldn’t be more proud. Once or twice a week, during breakfast, I’ll play Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. It’s a farming simulator game, and she enjoys watching me take care of the animals and planting crops. She’s getting better at controlling the joystick, and will even move me to where I need to go. Wonder how long before I can introduce her to the original Super Mario?

7.) Our second big amusement park trip: Cedar Point this past weekend! My favorite ride of all time there is Valravn. At the top of the hill, you go through a little bit of straight track before you completely stop at a 90-degree angle. You slowly inch your way to the drop, and then just hang, staring at the ground until it lets you go. It’s so amazing, but I only ride it once each time, right when the park opens, because there’s no way I’m waiting an hour to ride it.

8.) Another Cedar Point picture: The food. We have the food plan, and while I like trying new things, there are some places I just have to have every time. Like Pink’s hot dogs and onion rings. This was the Long Island dog, with mustard, onions, chili, and sauerkraut. So delicious!

9.) My screenshot was too big to fit into the little square, but this was my 8-miler this week. I don’t get to do it often, because I’m pretty slow and it takes awhile to get through it. Hopefully I’ll get faster soon, and when Allison goes to school in September *gasp*, I should be able to fit in a long run with just enough time to shower before I have to pick her up again.

Life Currently

Favorite Drink: Starbucks’ Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato. I. Am. Addicted. It’s a good thing I don’t have any money on my gift card right now because I’d be getting this thing every day! It’s creamy, dreamy, and delicious. I actually just bought a carton of coconut milk to try and make my own, but I think Starbucks uses the canned milk, which is a lot thicker I believe. I’m going to experiment and post the recipe when I get it perfect!

Summer Status: Outside. A lot. I’m not normally a huge outside person, but Allison’s at the age now where she wants to go to the park all the time, and I just lather on some sunscreen and roll with it. I think it also helps that I’ve been running more, like an hour at a time, so I’m getting used to being out a lot. However, I’m still a Fall girl and can’t wait for that first cool sign!

Running Status: Speaking of running, I’m trying to find time to get more runs in. I’m pretty slow- like 12 minutes per mile during my long runs- so once I start going 10 miles, that’s about 2 hours out of my day. If you have a toddler, you know that can’t happen very often, so I need to work on my speed. It’ll come, slowly but surely!

Current Problem: We have too much stuff. As I look around our office at the slowly accumulating piles (again), I keep telling myself I’m going to tackle this mess. When Allison starts school it might be easier to handle; but at this point, I’m about 2 steps away from just tossing everything!

That about wraps it up for this month! Anything interesting going on in your life right now? Share with us in the comments!


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