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Breakfast With Bacon Februrary 2018

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Does anyone else feel like February just flew by?

I’m not totally complaining. I think February is one of my least favorite months; it’s just a barrier between me and springtime. The weather this week has been pretty good (71 degrees on Tuesday. In Ohio.), but I’m just ready for warmer weather now.

This month hasn’t been too eventful (Besides Allison getting pinkeye for the first time), but I still have things to share! Here’s what’s been going on in the Bacon household this month:

Favorite Pictures

1.) This has been my go-to afternoon drink recently! One cup cold brew coffee, 1/2 cup milk, 1 tablespoon chocolate sauce, and a spoonful of Stevia. For the longest time, I’d been using a one-cup French press to make cold brew. It was good, but I wanted something that I could use multiple times before having to wash. I bought this cold brew pitcher which makes about 4-ish cups, and I love it! I still get Starbucks’ Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, but this one is just as good.

2.) The look on her face is priceless. Our church has been doing a Superhero Academy on Wednesday nights this month, and Allison’s done a lot of cool stuff- including making superhero masks. She’s been running around wearing one, calling herself Wonder Woman. I asked her to do a superhero pose for a picture, and this is the serious look she gave me.

3.) Have you tried the RXBars yet? I found out about these a few months ago when I got a free coupon from Meijer. The Chocolate Sea Salt is definitely my favorite, although the Chocolate Peanut Butter is good too! The problem is, they sell retail for $1.99 each; so I’ll only buy them when they’re on sale, with coupons and/or Ibotta rebates that I’ve been taking advantage of for a couple weeks!

4.) Allison has a princess tent that we put up and take down every so often, depending on how much space we don’t mind losing in the living room at the time. This time around, she had some of her stuffed animals in there and she was conducting school, asking them questions and making them answer.

5.) John and I had a date night last Friday! I love dates, but it’s rough when they happen on Friday nights- AKA, before a Saturday morning long run. I have to be careful what I eat the night before, because if not… well, it’s not pretty. We went to McAlister’s Deli; and instead of getting a delicious Reuben the size of my head and a loaded potato, I got a simple turkey sandwich and a plain baked potato with a little sour cream. It was still good, but next time we have a date I’m making sure it’s AFTER my run!

6.) This is what happens when we have a snow day. We were looking forward to doing stuff and sending Allison to school; but sadly, none of that happened. She ended up only going to school once that week because she got pinkeye for the first time. That was certainly an interesting week; have you ever tried to put eyedrops in a child? It’s like wrestling Jell-o.

7.) Allison had a blast at her Valentine’s party at preschool! She has a thing for stickers, as you can tell from her box. But she loved going through her box and reading her Valentine cards pulling out all the candy and asking to eat it all right then and there.

8.) I have a confession: Up until recently, I had not eaten a bowl of cereal since like… high school. It just hasn’t been my favorite breakfast. But then I realized the awesomeness of whole milk, and adding a sliced banana to my cereal… and now I’m hooked. I liked the Bran Flakes okay, but I bought a box of Barbara’s Puffins cereal and it’s just amazing. I’d never buy it regular price though (It’s like $4.00!) so I wait for sales, and I joined their rewards program to earn points to redeem for coupons!

9.) This girl can be such a camera hog. She lined up a few of her stuffed animals, climbed up on the couch, struck a pose, and said “Mommy, take a picture!” She’s definitely not my child in that regard!

Life Currently

Currently reading/listening to: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I just finished the Hunger Games series (Was severely disappointed with the ending), and I was working on The Subtle Knife when my digital loan expired. So now I’m back on the waiting list for that. I hate trying to read two books at once because I tend to get things mixed up or forget things; but that’s just the way library loans can be!

Wishing for: Warm, dry weather! My winter has consisted of walking from building to building and not being able to enjoy the outside. This week has been quite a bit warmer though; and I was able to run outside for the first time since December, and that was in Florida!

Training for: My first half marathon, which is officially April 8th! I’m pretty confident about it; the last time I did a test run (pun intended), I got up to 10 miles before I took a break for a couple weeks. Now it’s the real thing, and I’m implementing a tempo run each week to help me get faster.

That’s about it for February. What’s been going on in your life lately?

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