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Breakfast With Bacon December 2018

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Christmas is officially over! We’re taking down the Christmas tree and decorations today, and we’re in recovery mode from the gifts, food, and family time. It’s been super fun, though!

December flew by and I’m still not sure how it happened. We’ve just been having a lot of fun with activities such as Kings Island, seeing Christmas lights, and me leaving for a 4-day weekend trip away from my family. 

Now I’m in full-on New Year mode, with choosing a Word of the Year and planning out how I want 2019 to go. It’s all so exciting! Here’s what’s been going on in the Bacon household this December:

Favorite Pictures

1.) This hot chocolate from Kings Island was absolute heaven. And I got to keep the glass! The stuff around the top was peanut butter, and it was topped with marshmallows, crushed Oreos, and a chocolate candy cane. Totally worth the ten dollars.

2.) John and I had a date night and got to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. Their show never ceases to amaze me year after year! We’ve been able to get seats really close to the stage so it’s like being able to talk to your best friend.

3.) I can’t tell you how disappointed I was this night. We went to Dollar Tree and found two of these boxes of Animal Crossing keychains… and they were both empty. Allison’s such a huge Animal Crossing fan (Like her mom) and I probably would have bought an entire box. Luckily, my sister saved the day because she bought one for Allison just the day before!

4.) We tried to do a lot of fun Christmas stuff with Allison this year. That night, we went to a church 2 minutes away to go on a wagon ride and see Christmas lights. Then we ended up back inside for hot chocolate, cookies, and crafts. She really did have fun, even though her smile looks forced.

5.) Wait, someone took over my computer! Oh, it’s just Allie Cat. I went on a 4-day trip to New York away from John and Allison, and it was one of the best weekend trips ever. It felt great to just be me; but I took Allie Cat and recorded our adventures so we’d have some good stories to share with Allison.

6.) When I got home from my weekend trip, we had dinner and went straight up to church for their Christmas concert. I was afraid I’d miss it; but we got home at 4:30 and it started at 6:00. There were lots of photo ops; so we took advantage!

7.) We’re officially on winter break now, and Allison’s last day of school happened to be her Christmas concert. She did amazing and memorized so many songs! I know she’s really enjoyed being in school and her teachers have been so wonderful.

8.) Last Friday was spent baking, decorating, and more baking. Allison was a trooper the entire day and helped with a lot of it, and we ended up with way more left over than I thought. Thank goodness Christmas comes only once a year, right?

9.) John built that amazing Christmas Eve box a couple years ago. We’re trying to make it a tradition to fill the box with new Christmas pajamas, snacks, hot chocolate, and a movie to enjoy the night before Christmas. Allison was so excited she ran straight to her room to get changed. And I don’t blame her- those pajamas are SO soft and warm.

Life Currently

Currently Listening To: The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I’ve made it my goal to try and finish the series in 2019; there are I think 12 books and I’m on book 5. Each audiobook is between 30-40 hours, so I may have my hands full there.

Favorite Food: Wait for it… Brussels sprouts. I tried them for the first time this month, and where have they been all my life? I roasted them and they turned out so good! The problem is they’re $2.50 a package and I paid $1.19 on sale, so now I’m being cheap, haha.

After-Christmas plans: Clearing the house of all the Christmas treats I made and accumulated. I’m starting Beachbody’s Transform20 program in mid-January, and their nutrition plan involves the 21-Day Fix containers.

You’re allowed a certain number of containers a day of each kind of food, and I’ve been practicing a little bit each day to prepare myself. If you see a lot more 21-Day Fix recipes on my shopping posts, this is why! Perhaps I’ll write a post about my progress once I start.

Other post-Christmas plans include organizing and cleaning out my house. Isn’t that what you do in the new year? Our poor office has turned into a storage area again and is starting to stress me out each time I walk in. This time I need to get serious about getting my house on track!

What’s new in your world this month? Did you do any traveling for Christmas?

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