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Breakfast With Bacon December 2016

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Breakfast With Bacon December 2016:

The end of the year has arrived. I really can’t believe that Christmas is 2 days away; thankfully, I’m all ready and can just relax! This month has been so busy, with all the Christmas shopping, the activities, an early family Christmas… I love the holiday season but I’m glad it’s about to slow down! John has the week off from work next week, so we get to really enjoy some family time.

I’ve also decided to take some time off next week to pray, plan, and dream about next year. I have so many big ideas, and I need to quantify it on paper and get a game plan ready. So, I’ll be back next Friday with a large year-in-review post to get us ready for 2017! I’m so excited to see what the next year brings us. Before I get too carried away, we still have a few days left in December and today’s Breakfast With Bacon is all about this past month! Here’s what’s been going on in my world.

Breakfast With Bacon December 2016:

Favorite Pictures

1.) My little ham wanted a picture of herself next to her felt Christmas tree. She sees me taking pictures of stuff for the blog, and she exclaims, “I want to be in the picture, too!”

2.) I decorated and hosted a table for a Christmas women’s event at church earlier this month. Allison helped place the foam snowflakes, and I used a Youtube tutorial to make the Christmas tree napkins. I used mostly red decorations which really popped out with the black tablecloth!

3.) Allison’s been obsessed with this gingerbread house craft. I bought a box from Hobby Lobby with the intention of letting all the kids make one at John’s family Christmas, but we ended up not having time. It came with 24 houses, and Allison keeps asking to make them. My living room is covered in foam houses right now.

4.) You may have seen this in one of my previous shopping trips, but I’m so proud of my peanut butter hoard! I got them all for 99 cents each at Kroger when you buy them in sets of 3. You’re looking at 12 jars of peanut butter, the good natural kind, which will probably only last us 3 months at the rate we go through it!

5.) Once again, another ham moment. Although she did help fill my Starbucks bottles, so I guess she deserved it this time. =)

6.) Family photo at church right after the Christmas concert. I got to work behind the scenes for all three services that weekend, and it was insanely good. A capella music, The Piano Guys, and TSO were played, and I got to witness it three different times. It was awesome.

7.) I thought I was being creative by doing the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts again for John, but I woke up that first morning to the same thing from him! It’s been fun giving each other gifts for the past few days and waiting to see what the other has in store.

8.) My secret sister from MOPS sent me a lovely gift in the mail the other day! Lotion and spray from Bath and Body Works, a Starbucks gift card, and a cute mommy and daughter bracelet set. It totally made my day to see this in the mail!

9.) Every day while I’m cooking dinner, Allison gets tablet time. Usually she just opts to watch Daniel Tiger, but she’s found this game that she’s now obsessed with. It involves blocks and little block animal toys, and she moves them around to interact with everything in the game. She gets so deep in the game that she barely hears me when I try to talk to her!


Currently feeling: Itchy. So itchy. The worst part of winter weather is all the dryness, and I’ve got dry skin to begin with, so I feel like every time you see me, I’ll be scratching somewhere.

Christmas mode: Activated. I’ve never been more excited for Christmas than I am now, now that I have Allison. Now that we’re getting close, she counts how many bags are left in her Advent Calendar, and I tell her it’s that many days until Christmas.

Currently eating: Pretty much everything in sight. What are vegetables, again? I’ve learned to just go with it and not go too crazy, and get back on the health train in January.

Currently watching: Attempting to watch Captain America: Civil War and Batman vs. Superman this weekend because I got them out from the library and they’re only 7 day rentals. I’m a sucker for superhero movies.

Merry Christmas to all of you! I’ll see you all again next Friday.




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