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Breakfast With Bacon April 2019

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The end of April is finally upon us, and I’ve been looking at our calendar and just laughing at what’s to come. Can you believe that from now until the end of June, we have something going on every weekend except one- and that’s Mother’s Day weekend. From vacations to Kings Island to other events, we definitely know how to keep busy!

April’s been full of its own events as well, and I’m glad most of it is behind us. Welcome to this month’s edition of Breakfast With Bacon! Here’s all the craziness that’s been happening in our household in April:

Favorite Pictures

1.) I’ve gotten my girl addicted to video games, just like her mother. Every time we go to the mall, she wants to go inside Gamestop and play some of the demos. Her current obsession is Pokemon; and she’s got a good enough grasp of reading that I think she can handle playing an actual Pokemon game! I’ve got Soul Silver and White 2 around here somewhere, so I’ll probably dust them off soon and try them out.

2.) On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I try to find somewhere fun for us to go after school. It usually involves packing a lunch and playing; and this day was our local farm/metro park. It was particularly windy this day so we ended up going back to the car and eating; but then we were able to walk around a lake and visit the farmhouse and penny candy shop.

3.) Allison definitely keeps me on my toes! On a Tuesday afternoon, she threw herself backward and smacked her temple into the corner of one of her  LEGO storage containers. She was off and on complaining of a headache and stomach ache; and deep down I suspected a concussion but didn’t confirm it until Thursday morning when she threw up right before school. That’s when I took her to the doctor and yep, minor concussion. The entire weekend was spent without screentime, being cooped up inside the house, and doing quiet activities. Thankfully, by Monday she was completely better!

4.) Part of my Sunday afternoons involves meal prep while Allison watches a movie. But since she was still dealing with a concussion that day, she wanted to help out! She washed all the carrots, helped make spaghetti sauce, and even put together my snack containers. Unfortunately, she’s decided meal prep isn’t for her anymore so I no longer have a helper.

5.) While at the park one day, we came across a pretty painted rock! I turned it over and there was a link to a Facebook group where people paint rocks like this and hide them for people to find. It’s such a cute idea and a great way to spread happiness; we might try doing one soon too!

6.) We finally got Allison a helmet! Now that it’s Spring, we can get out her bike and let her ride around. One of my hopes for this Summer is to teach her to ride without training wheels, so pray for my sanity.

7.) One of the advantages of staying at home is being able to participate in Allison’s school activities, like her Easter party. She was super proud of having me there and stayed by my side most of the time while I helped out. At the end of the school day was an Easter egg hunt, which started the avalanche of candy that we received over the weekend.

8.) I’m obsessed with these EasyLunchBox containers. This particular type has 4 spots, much like a Lunchable container; and maybe I’ll use them with Allison’s lunches too, but right now I’m having fun coming up with my own snack combinations. Gotta make food interesting somehow!

9.) I made this gluten free carrot cake for Easter and holy cow, it was amazing. I may have had 3 slices of this in one day (one of which was my dinner), and then went into a sugar coma. But seriously, I think carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts… besides Cheesecake Factory cheesecake.

Life Currently

Kings Island status: The park officially opened last weekend, but we’re heading out there tomorrow and I’m seriously so excited. I’m pretty sure Allison’s reached the next height requirement to ride a couple more rides; and I really just enjoy walking around and getting fresh air. And eating lots of food.

Current form of exercise: I’m still trucking along with 80 Day Obsession! My only weights are 5s, 8s, and 10s; and I’d like to move up a little but I need to buy more. And who knew that dumbbells were so expensive?

I also think I’ve given up running because my hamstring just aches so much after even a 3 mile run. However, I just bought a bike this month and want to start doing that for awhile! There’s a charity race with our church in June, where you can ride either 25, 50, or 100 miles. I’m thinking about being ambitious and trying for 50, so wish me luck!

Current guilty pleasure: Buying coffee rather than making it at home during the day. I know it’s so much cheaper at home, but there’s something about giving myself a “treat” whenever I’m out and about! I’m trying to counteract this by making my own cold brew, and it’s helping a little but not enough to make me quit. Anyone else have this problem?

What’s been going on in your life recently? Any big plans for May and the end of school?

Cristina Campbell

Friday 26th of April 2019

We've found painted rocks recently too! We're taking one to Hawaii with us in June to re-hide on a hike there. And I'm also fixing up my bike to ride this summer : ) good luck with 50 miles; that's awesome!


Friday 26th of April 2019

Thanks!! Some of my friends are actually doing the 25 miles and just told me yesterday, so looks like I'll be doing the 25. =) Should still be a challenge, though.

I didn't even realize painted rocks were the new thing! It's so cool to see a little happiness being spread. =)

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