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Breakfast with Bacon April 2018

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How is April almost over already? I feel like Easter was just yesterday, and now we’re almost in May! I won’t complain too much; first of all, we have TWO birthdays in May- Mine and John’s. Second, May most certainly means warmer weather- right? April has been like an extension of Winter and I’m done with it. Thankfully it looks like we’ll have no more snow!

We’ve done some pretty exciting things this month and I want to highlight them in April’s Breakfast With Bacon, where I give a sneak peek into our lives to show you what we’ve been up to. Here’s what’s been going on this month:

Favorite Pictures

1.) I bought this Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce coffee syrup from Starbucks, and it’s really good! I’ve been using it in my homemade iced coffees and just started putting it in my morning coffee.

2.) Allison’s gotten a ton of new LEGO sets this month and she enjoys going through the instructions to put them together. I was on the phone for a few minutes; and when I came back she had gotten about halfway through this one all by herself! She’s getting really good at following instructions.

3.) I completed my first half marathon on the 8th! It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It was 23 degrees when the race started, and a mixture of the cold and being dehydrated forced me to basically walk the last 2 miles. I learned a lot, though, and I’m now preparing for the Cedar Point half in June!

4.) The weather is finally starting to warm up! Allison seems to be all or nothing- she either wants long sleeves and pants, or tank tops and shorts. But we compromised and she got to wear a tank top outside which she was more than thrilled about! We’ve visited the park almost every day this week, which has done so much for our moods. Sunshine totally helps!

5.) Allison got that cute pink vest as a gift a couple months ago and she put it on that day to pretend to be a cat. I had to sit there and pet her while she meowed constantly. It was also one of those days where I needed some iced coffee! I bought this cold brew pitcher and it’s been so nice always having iced coffee in the fridge when I need it.

6.) I’m not one to stifle individuality, so you’ll always see my daughter wearing the strangest outfits at the store. Including this cape and crown, and a seashell necklace which is hard to see. She kept calling herself the queen.

7.) We were in a selfie-taking mood that day and must have taken about 30 photos before we got the perfect one. Do you ever do that? Is it even real life anymore when you constantly try to get the “perfect” photo?

8.) We had a special movie night on Friday! Allison watched Despicable Me 3 on Sunday night without us; and being jealous, I decided to set up a movie night so the three of us could watch together. That morning, I took Allison to the store and let her pick out her favorite candy- which apparently is Swedish Fish. She also got veggie straws, and I bought those popcorn bags from Dollar Tree for the popcorn I already had at home. It was a good night of just relaxing!

9.) My second race in April! We attended a Superhero Donut Run, with the proceeds going to charity. Allison did the kids Fun Run, and I ran the 5k and beat my fastest time by almost 2 minutes! We, of course, celebrated with a huge cake donut- my favorite.

Life Currently

Currently Watching: The Shannara Chronicles on Netflix. I’m a fan of Terry Brooks even though I’ve only read one of his books; but watching this makes me want to get more of his books out of the library. I’ve been watching it on my treadmill runs because, honestly, that’s the only TV time I have during the day; but I’ll take it!

Favorite food: Sweet potatoes. I have been obsessed with them this entire month. It started when I made too many one week and decided to eat one with my scrambled eggs for breakfast, and it kind of escalated from there. I’ve eaten a sweet potato almost every day since! They’re delicious (especially with French Fry Seasoning), they keep me full, and they’re good for me!

Kings Island status: Tomorrow is our first season visit! We’ve been waiting somewhat patiently for so long; and Allison is like THIS close to 42 inches, which will let her ride a couple new rides. I’m gonna try to stuff her face with vegetables all day today to make her grow that last bit.

Currently playing: Final Fantasy Tactics. On my phone. I’ve been taking surveys here and there with the Google Rewards app. They’re usually like 2-3 question surveys, like asking if you’ve been to any of the places they’ve listed in the past month and whether or not you made a purchase there. You get between 10 cents and 60 cents per survey; and I had like 17 dollars so I bought a game. It’s one of my favorites, and now I get to take it with me wherever I am!

What’s been your favorite part of April?

What’s your favorite food or drink right now?

What have you been watching recently?

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