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Breakfast With Bacon August 2018

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And just like that, August is gone. For some reason, this Summer has been the most fun and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s because Allison’s been in school and we’re just making the most of our time together; but we’ve really enjoyed ourselves, and it’s about time to get back into a routine again.

Actually, it’s definitely time to get into a routine again. This last week before school starts is probably the roughest! I think we’re both anxious to get away, and being stuck inside a lot this week due to the heat hasn’t helped at all.

August was pretty jam-packed with activities, and this month’s Breakfast With Bacon highlights our favorites. Here’s what’s been going on in our world this month:

Favorite Pictures

1.) One of our favorite things to do at Kings Island was to watch the show called Gravity. It’s a Cirque-type show with an outer-space theme, and Allison just loved it! It was funny, the acrobatics were incredible, and the performers were so nice. Here’s a Youtube video that shows a lot of it; but really, videos don’t do it justice. We saw that show seven times before it ended for the season a couple weeks ago, and we miss it!

2.) There’s a historical farm less than a mile away from us, with walking trails, farm animals to look at, and an informational building full of the farm’s history. There’s also a country store inside that sells penny candy… well, some are more than a penny. But you can bring a dollar and get a pretty good amount, so that’s what we did. Snow Caps, Jersey Cherries, and Candy Corn were on the list for that day; and of course, I had to get a giant pickle because for some reason, their pickles are the absolute best.

3.) One evening this month, we were playing outside and John decided to start edging the sidewalk. Always wanting to be the big helper, Allison wandered over and helped clear away the dirt. She and I continued the work the next day, but… it never got fully done, oops. So now our sidewalk looks a little lopsided.

4.) Sometimes this is my life wrapped up in a nutshell. Allison wanting to stay home in her pajamas all day, dumping her LEGOs all over the floor to look for exactly one specific piece. And I decided that a second cup of coffee at 10:00 AM- A Pumpkin Spice Latte to be exact- was a fine idea. We eventually found the piece, a LEGO hockey stick- right in front of us the whole time.

5.) This American Red Beans and Rice recipe is one of the more delicious frugal recipes I make here. For some reason, that particular night was even better; and I think it was because I cooked those kidney beans from a bag instead of using cans. I cooked them in my slow cooker, just like I do my black beans; and I don’t usually season them until I actually use them in a recipe. You need to add this recipe to your meal plan soon!

6.) Sometimes running 9 miles deserves a pretzel the size of your head. One of the weekend farmer’s markets downtown sells these, and this was only the small. There were also medium, large, and giant- which was like 20 dollars and you had to carry it with two hands. I half considered making that my post-half marathon meal because pretzels are life.

7.) Panera Bread has been sending me quite a few free rewards onto my account. The most recent one was a free drink, any drink. So of course I got the expensive 5 dollar smoothie for us to share, plus a bagel. And Allison didn’t even like the smoothie because it had a very berry taste. What kind of child is this?

8.) I don’t know why she insists on dressing like this when we go shopping, but I’ve learned to just go with it. As long as she’s happy, I guess!

9.) We took another trip to Cedar Point earlier this month and had an amazing time. I was able to ride Steel Vengeance, which was totally worth the hour and 15 minute wait. Unfortunately it was a super busy weekend, but the kids areas were pretty much dead. Allison got to ride a ton, especially her favorites- the ones that spin around super fast that just happen to be the ones that will make me throw up. Thanks kid, for making me scream like a little girl.

Life Currently

Currently Reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’m just about finished with it, and I know I’m going to feel empty once it’s done because I have no idea what to start next. I may just get caught up with all my podcasts for awhile; but if anyone has any good fantasy/science fiction book suggestions, please tell me!

Half Marathon Status: Two weeks and counting! It’s my last race of the year. I think doing three half marathons (My first ones ever) in one year was a little much, and my hamstring is yelling at me again. So I’ll probably back off a little for the rest of the year, and maybe do some more biking while my hamstring recovers.

School Countdown: Allison starts preschool next Wednesday! She’ll be going 5 mornings a week and she’s so excited. She keeps telling me she misses school and she can’t wait to go back. While I’ve really enjoyed this Summer, I’m looking forward to having a schedule again. In fact, I’ve already made a daily list of things I’ll do while Allison’s in school. Productivity is coming!

Currently Playing: Secret of Mana- with Allison! It’s a really old Super Nintendo game that I just happened to have purchased on my Wii a long time ago and promptly forgot about. I bought a second Gamecube controller so Allison can now play with me. I played this with my dad when I was close to her age, and now I’m continuing the tradition. Bonus- I basically learned to read, especially big words, by playing video games; so I’m hoping she’ll do the same. Who says video games don’t teach you anything?

What’s been going on in your life recently? Have your kids started school yet? Any big plans for September?

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