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Breakfast With Bacon November 2016

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Breakfast With Bacon November 2016-

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had a busy day filled with family and food, and it was amazing. John has a 4-day weekend, which after working like crazy Monday through Wednesday, he definitely needs it! The 4th Friday of every month I host Breakfast With Bacon, where I share a lot of my favorite things from the past month. Here’s what’s been going on in my world:

Breakfast With Bacon November 2016-

Favorite Pictures

1.) I wish I would have taken a picture of what the inside of her cave looks like. She takes all of her stuffed animal friends, lines them up, and sits right next to them, draped in another blanket. It’s so adorable when I can hear her talking to them in there, and she sticks her little hand out to ask for water. The only bad thing is that when she climbs out, her hair is filled with static and won’t go back to normal.

2.) I thought I’d be fun and let her blow tiny pom-poms around with a straw. It was good fun; we blew the pom-poms into the Cheerios box and were entertained for awhile. Then the next day, Allison decided to put one inside the straw and took a deep breath to blow it back out– and needless to say, we’re not playing with straws anymore!

3.) Did you miss my post on my amazing peppermint mocha? I’ve been making it a couple times a week because of the cold weather. At only around 125 calories, I think I’m pretty safe drinking it more often!

4.) These right here are pumpkin pie energy bites, and they’re so good. I always eat something small like this right before my morning workouts, and I’m sad they’re gone. I guess I’ll use one of the 8 cans of pumpkin in my pantry to make more!

5.) One day this month when we visited our children’s museum, some guys from Mikesell’s potato chips were there filming a commercial, and we happened to be in the right place at the right time when they asked us to be in it! Allison was paid in potato chips and couldn’t have been happier. If I ever find out when it goes live, I’ll be sure to let you all know!

6.) Allison, my sister, and I had a girl’s day one Saturday, giving John a much-needed morning off. It was great fun; we went to the mall and let her play in the kids’ area, we ate pretzel sticks, and then went to Toys-R-Us (her first visit!) and got her some little toys.

7.) I don’t think she has enough Little People. */sarcasm* And these are only the 3 biggest playsets. I won’t even talk about the multitude of smaller playsets and the huge cube box filled with the little toys. To be fair, I’ve turned into a collector and just can’t get rid of any of them; Amazon is aware of this too and constantly shows me the $40 collectible playsets!

8.) Watching the first snow fall. Pretty exciting to see, although it’s too bad none of it stuck!

9.) My secret sister from MOPS spoiled me this week. A weekly to-do list, sticky notes, a mini chalkboard, lovely-smelling candles, candy, and one of her favorite recipes. I’ve actually never been more excited to use a chalkboard! Now to figure out what to put on it.


Currently eating: Leftovers. We planned on having at least 2 or 3 leftover nights this week due to Thanksgiving, and I’m glad we did, because holy cow. Everyone was kind enough to leave pretty much everything, so I don’t have to cook until Monday. Seriously.

Current project: Re-doing our living room a little! We have a huge entertainment center in here and just got a big TV that won’t fit in it. We’re getting rid of the entertainment center to hang the TV on the wall, and we’re going to get something small to replace it… something just big enough to hold my game systems and DVDs. Downsizing can be good! I’ll be sure to post about it when it’s done.

Black Friday status: I’m not a huge Black Friday shopper. I’ve done it before in the late morning, after all the big-ticket items are gone, but that’s about it. I keep hearing that Meijer’s a really good place to go because it’s just not that busy, so I may try to sneak off by myself today to see what they have!

Mental status: Trying to get things organized in my head. Thanksgiving is over now, but now I have a lot more projects to do in the coming weeks: craft projects, Christmas shopping, tons of baking, hosting a Christmas brunch… thankfully using a calendar and planner helps a lot!

Enjoy your day today, and don’t forget that tomorrow is Small Business Saturday! Be sure to support local this year.


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