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Breakfast With Bacon June 2016

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Breakfast With Bacon June 2016:

Another month has come and gone, and the start of Summer is here. We’ve been incredibly busy with fun activities, among other things, and with that come more pictures and stories to tell for this month’s Breakfast With Bacon!

Breakfast With Bacon June 2016:

Favorite Pictures

1.) I’m not sure what’s been up with Allison recently, but she’s been attached to my hip every waking moment. Usually after dinner, John will play with her while I catch up on things, but she wants nothing to do with Daddy. So I just embraced the moment one day and let her crawl up in bed with me and help me work.

2.) One of our local coffee shops was giving away free frappes all day on Wednesday, so we had to go take advantage! John got a frozen hot chocolate, as he’s one of the strange ones that doesn’t like coffee, and I got a Milky Way frappe, which had caramel and chocolate in it. The lady behind the counter was so nice, and even poured the leftover frozen hot chocolate from the blender into a little cup for Allison to drink, including the whipped cream and chocolate drizzle!

3.) We had a girl’s day at Kings Island a couple weeks ago. It was definitely different not having John there to help with Allie, but we made it! We’re trying to make Kings Island trips a weekly thing during the summer. In fact, we tried to go this past Wednesday, because it was the nicest day temperature-wise, but it started storming so unfortunately we decided not to go.

4.) Oh my goodness, friends. My little baby outgrew her car seat rear-facing, so we turned her around at age 2 1/2. It was like her whole world changed; during our first outing, she kept saying “We’re going up a big hill! Look at the cars! Oh, a tunnel!”

5.) Our library has storytime for the 2-3 year olds on Tuesdays, which includes a story, some songs, and other activities including a craft. This was our first time going, and Allison made a ladybug hat. She apparently uses glue sticks a lot at church, because she had it pretty much mastered there at the library!

6.) One of my favorite things about being a blogger is the opportunity to try out new things. A few months back I received a box from Influenster with a bunch of samples, including things from Hills Bros. Cappuccino. I was one of their random winners and received a huge box of goodies with their logo on everything, including fuzzy socks/gloves/hat, a coffee mug, K-Cup samples, a pen, sticky notes, chapstick, a recipe/coupon book, and a $20 Amazon gift card! I love my job!

7.) I attended a MOPS conference toward the beginning of the month, and that whole morning leading up to it was just crazy. I went shopping at Kroger beforehand to use some coupons and get some great deals, but it all went wrong. A lot of the items I wanted were out of stock, and I grabbed the wrong item so I ended up paying a lot more than I expected. I also wanted some new cold brew from the Starbucks inside, but they were sold out, so I sadly went back to my car and drove an hour to downtown Columbus. I hate driving downtown on the highway, it stresses me out. I got to the conference frazzled, but settled right in and even won a door prize for a Starbucks gift card! It was a great end to a crazy day.

8.) Once a year, our church does a huge event during the summer where we aim to do 100 service projects in one day in our city. We’ve done it for a few years now, and I was able to join them for this one. We went to a community center and mulched and painted the playground equipment, in almost 90-degree weather. It was hot, but so worth it!

9.) More Kings Island goodness! Allison usually isn’t too fond of the walking characters, but she saw Sally and suddenly screamed, “Sally, it’s Sally!!!!” and ran right over. Charlie Brown didn’t get the same reaction. Side note: We have a food pass for the summer, where we can eat for free every 4 hours. Since Allie barely eats, I end up getting something we both can share, which works because everything we get is huge. It’s usually pizza and breadsticks for us. Allie took one bite of pizza, ate half of her breadstick, gave me the other half, then took my untouched breadstick and ate the whole thing. The life of toddlers.

Random Happenings

  • Currently reading: The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan. Well, it’s an audio book. I finally got it back after being on the request list at the library for like a month! I’m going to finish it before I have to return it in 2 weeks.
  • Favorite food: Definitely my honey wheat loaf right now. Seriously, there’s nothing better than homemade bread, especially using it for a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Favorite Starbucks drink: Currently an Iced Caramel Macchiato. I love the Frappuccinos, but I just can’t handle all the sugar/calories every time. So this is a great substitute! I’m carefully using my new Gold card and trying to use it only on Double Star days.
  • Job situation: Still unemployed, unfortunately, but still plugging away on the job search. “Just pray and God will provide” has been on my mind recently, and little things have happened here and there recently that have confirmed my thoughts, but that’s for another blog post.

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend.






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