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Breakfast With Bacon July 2016

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Breakfast With Bacon July 2016-

Ugh. I had almost forgotten how hot Summer could be, and here we are! It’s the middle of Summer, we all have nice tans, and Allison’s constantly asking to play in the water. One of the redeeming factors is that John’s been home the whole summer to do some of these activities with us, as unfortunate as the circumstances are. July’s been a great month, so here’s a recap of how this month’s been going!

Breakfast With Bacon July 2016-

Favorite Pictures

1.) Earlier this year during a MOPS meeting, we did string art projects. I decided to be difficult and chose a more intricate pattern, and I messed up a bit and gave up on it for awhile. John fixed it for me recently, so I finally finished it and now it’s hanging above my desk!

2.) John gave me a much-needed mental health day this past Saturday. I got Starbucks, walked around Target, had lunch at Panera, and got my new custom-ordered purse from my local farmer’s market! She did such a great job, and the coffee print is excellent. I was looking for a smaller purse that wouldn’t make my arm/hand go numb anymore, and this is perfect.

3.) With our new swingset comes more possibilities to explore… namely, learning to do flips. At first, Allison was only able to get her feet up like that. And suddenly, it’s like she learned the ability through osmosis, she just did a flip over the bar. Looks like I’ll be supervising more closely while she’s playing now!

4.) I made hummus last week using Alton Brown’s recipe. The recipe said it yielded 2 1/2 cups, but…. it made 6. “That’s fine!” I thought naively. “Allison loves hummus, she’ll help me eat it!” Well, she does like hummus… just not mine, apparently. Good thing I like it!

5.) She loves the S’mores trail mix I made last week. So much so, that she keeps asking for S’mores for breakfast… which I think she just means the Golden Grahams.

6.) Allison has so much play food, which is awesome to watch her play with. She loves making “coffee” with cream and sugar, and then cold coffee, and then hot tea. Here we were having a tea party… and I think the mustard bottle was actually sugar at that point in time.

7.) Three words: Bread outlet store. I need to go back soon and see what else they have, because this awesome find of Burger King buns has got me addicted to outlet stores. We’re slowly but surely burning through my freezer stash!

8.) We visited IKEA earlier this month, and upstairs holds the dining area. There are these kid-sized green chairs with higher seats at every table, and it’s like Allison knew exactly which one to sit in. This grin is pretty much Allison in a nutshell.

9.) Part of our IKEA trip also included a trip to Jungle Jims, where I was going to stock up on butter because it was on sale for $2.49. The day before, I went to Meijer and found these half-sticks marked down to $2.29 each. Can’t pass up a good deal, so I bought them out!


Drinking: Coke Icees. They can’t be any other flavor. And right now at Speedway they’re only 89 cents, so of course I have to indulge every so often.

Reading: Currently waiting on The Shadow Rising to be available at the library. It’s book 4 of the Wheel of Time series, and I’m quickly making my way through them. Who knew audio-books could be so fun and efficient?

Playing: Final Fantasy VI for the Game Boy Advance. That was my favorite game for the SNES (Known as Final Fantasy 3 then), and I don’t actually think I’ve beaten it, although I’ve gotten close. I keep starting over because the replay value is excellent.

Visits to Kings Island this month: 3? I think? I haven’t been keeping track, but it’s an average of once a week. Pretty sure we’ve made good use of the season passes and food plan, though!

Feeling: Sick! John came down with some sort of summer cold, which took away some of his voice and made/is making him cough uncontrollably. He thus gave it to me, and now I’m also losing my voice. Thanks, husband!

Running: 3 days a week, or trying to. The last time I ran, which was last Friday, I ran for 30 minutes straight, or 2.8 miles. My next run is going to be a full 5k, which for me will be about 36 minutes hopefully. I still can’t believe I’m doing this; exercise has changed my body in good ways, and the stamina I have is incredible. I can’t wait for my first official 5k in September!

That’s it for this month. Hopefully next month brings more good things!





Stacie M

Monday 25th of July 2016

Wooo! Good job with the running. I recently rolled my ankle twice and sprained it...twice (I have my first PT appt for it this week, yuck) so I will live vicariously through you in that department. ;) My husband just started reading the wheel of time series! He had read the first book ages ago so he decided to reread and then continue on. I've had good luck at a local used bookstore finding him the books (all paperbacks are 1$, hooray!). I figure I have time to find the rest (He's only on #2 and we have up to #6). I also love the outlet BK rolls; who would've thought you could find them at a bread outlet? Looks like you've been having a great July. :)


Tuesday 26th of July 2016

I just have to say I love my audiobooks. :P I think it may take longer to get through them, but I'd rather do something productive while listening to him take 3 pages to describe a tree! Love the series, but it's so drawn out.

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