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Breakfast With Bacon August 2017

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Welcome to August’s edition of Breakfast With Bacon, where I share what’s been going on in the Bacon household this past month! This whole summer has been full of Kings Island, playing outside, and getting very nice tans. The heat has actually been very mild, with only a few exceptions, which makes this cold-lover more than happy to go out for more than 20 minutes!

This season has slowly come to an end, which makes me both happy and sad. Come next week, I’m going to have… a preschooler! I still can’t believe that’s happening, but I’m so excited to see how Allison grows and learns in a classroom setting. Here’s what else has been going on in our lives this month:

Favorite Pictures

1.) It was bound to happen eventually. At the beginning of the month, I did my first 9-mile run and injured myself. It wasn’t too horrible; I took a week off and was back at it. But I realized I may have been doing too much, too soon, and so I lowered my mileage until Allison starts school. After that, I’ll be starting an actual half marathon training plan and possibly getting a Planet Fitness membership when it gets too dark to run outside.

2.) Allison’s recently been obsessed with dominoes and is actually pretty good! I did the tower you see above, but she helped line up most of the dominoes. Her hand steadiness is incredible!

3.) The three of us were finally able to go to Kings Island together this month! I’ve usually solo-parented because John’s been at work. Unfortunately, the day we went happened to be a Bring a Friend Day, where tickets were discounted. It was so busy, we were only there for a few hours before Allison was just plain done.

4.) When you have a ton of food to use up before it goes bad, you have to get creative. Sometimes this is what my breakfast or lunch looks like; this breakfast includes scrambled eggs with spinach, zucchini, tomatoes, and mozzarella; an onion hamburger bun (because I love bread in the mornings); and cantaloupe. The best part is that the veggies bulked up my meal for not a ton of calories; hence why I love being a volume eater!

5.) Allison didn’t have fun at Cedar Point this month. Not at all.

6.) This child spent 10 minutes lining up every chair and seat available in this house, putting a stuffed animal in each seat. She then sat in that pink chair, yelled “Chugga chugga choo choo!” for 10 seconds, and promptly tore it all down. Sometimes I’m amazed at her dedication to the littlest things.

7.) My friend Stephanie made me aware that these things were now available in stores, so of course I had to run out and try one. As expected, it was amazing, and now I just want to buy All. The. Pumpkin. Things. Don’t be surprised when you see nothing but pumpkin stuff on my next few shopping trips.

8.) John worked second shift last week and it was definitely an adjustment! I didn’t really get used to it until Thursday, and by then it was already over. The good thing was that he was available in the mornings to do the fun stuff with us- like go hiking in the woods!

9.) I’m pretty sure she’s about to go through a growth spurt. This night, she ate a whole grilled cheese sandwich, 6 strawberries, 2 more pieces of bread with butter (after she decided she didn’t want a second sandwich), some raisins, and half a Little Debbie snack cake. The next night she ate 3 big pieces of French Toast for dinner. She’s been SO close to hitting 40 inches at Kings Island to be able to ride the bigger stuff; maybe if we visit this weekend, she’ll have gotten that little boost in height!

Life Currently

Currently feeling: Excited about Allison starting preschool next week! Guys, I won’t know what to do with myself 3 afternoons a week. Wait, yes I do. I’ve already got a list! But seriously, she’s going to have so much fun; she does so well with other kids and she’s a great listener, so I know she’ll thrive.

Looking forward to: My 3rd 5k of the year! It’s next weekend and I’m so ready. I ran the same one last year (My first 5k ever) and finished in 39:40. This year I aim to finish in just under 34 minutes. It’ll be a challenge, but I’m focused and pumped for it!

Birthday plans: Allison’s going to be 4 in just under two months, what??? She’s already told me she wants a Cinderella birthday party and strawberry cake with blue and white icing chocolate cake with strawberries inside and purple icing. Last year’s birthday was Snow White, so I’ve gotta try to kill it again this year!

Currently drinking: My newest iced coffee concoction! It’s a cup of homemade cold brew, 3/4 cup almond milk, a tablespoon of Torani chocolate syrup, and a tablespoon of Walden Farms calorie-free chocolate syrup. I bought Walden Farms on a whim because it was on clearance and I’ve heard good things about it… and I am not disappointed! All together, my iced coffee is about 80 calories, much less than what you’d find anywhere else, and the perfect treat on these summer afternoons!

That’s it for this month. This time next month, I’ll have a preschooler and lots of time on my hands (maybe). What’s been going on in your life?



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