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Breakfast With Bacon August 2016

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Breakfast With Bacon August 2016:

Summer’s nearing its end, and I can’t tell you all how excited I am. We were actually able to open the windows for a couple days this week, and while it’s back to being hot again, that’s made me anticipate Fall weather even more now. I should probably take advantage of the warm weather while I can, and get Allison outside as much as possible before it gets too cold.

Here’s this month’s edition of Breakfast With Bacon! What’s been going on in our lives this month?

Breakfast With Bacon August 2016:

Favorite Pictures

1.) Holy cow, look at the size of this canteloupe. I’ve been visiting our local Farmer’s Market more often these past few weeks, and I just can’t believe how amazing their produce is. I’ve been eating the canteloupe by myself because no one else likes it… I don’t think I’ll be buying another one next week because of burnout. =)

2.) Bad Mom Award right here. Allison really wanted to go to Meijer by herself, and she wanted to drive. So I gave her my keys, walked her out the door, helped her get in the driver’s seat, put on her seatbelt, and she started to try to put the keys in the ignition before I stopped her and said she’d be sitting in the back. If you could hear the screams coming from this girl as we strapped her in and drove to Meijer… John had to go back to the car with her while I ran to get what we needed. Next time I’ll think twice before playing a “funny” prank on her!

3.) She stopped napping a few weeks ago but insisted on laying out all her stuff on the living room floor to “take a nap”. I don’t know if you saw my Instagram picture, but Wednesday afternoon she actually knocked herself out doing this! I’m performing some experiments these next few days to see if I can recreate this phenomenon.

4.) Along with visiting the Farmer’s Market, we had breakfast at the local cafe right next door. We love this place; the food and coffee are great, and the owner gets everything local so it’s all fresh ingredients. It looks like a lot of food on her plate, but really she just ate the toast and a pancake the size of her head.

5.) John and I saw Jim Gaffigan in concert a few weeks ago! This was taken about 15 minutes before a thunderstorm hit us and we had to evacuate due to lightning. The show was delayed by an hour and a half, and we were wet but happy!

6.) This is what a typical afternoon looks like. This was a particularly trying day, so I made myself a homemade frappe while watching Ponyo for the hundredth time.

7.) Allison’s always been nervous about going up the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island, but she’s gone up the past two times and loves it!

8.) We’ve been enjoying little Panera dates here and there, and it’s always been a chocolate chip bagel that she wants. I just can’t say no to that look of joy.

9.) I just realized almost all these pictures are of food, and Allison eating, but I had to show this. She insisted on all this food for lunch: Pretzels, hummus, some strawberry dip, string cheese, Greek yogurt, and a banana. She devoured about 3/4ths of it, I was quite impressed!


Favorite drink: Homemade frappes using this new blender I got recently! I just add cold-brewed coffee, my cream and sugar, and some ice, and it’s done within like 15 seconds. And I can drink it straight from the blender cup.

Currently watching: The Shannara Chronicles on Netflix. I’ve only read one book by Terry Brooks, but now I want to read them all. This show is actually quite addicting! Too bad there are only 10 episodes right now.

Days until Weird Al: 2. I’m such a nerd, but John and I are going to see Weird Al in concert Sunday night and I’m so excited. He always puts on a good show!

House cleaning status: Getting better! I’m ashamed to say I don’t really clean often, but I’ve been trying to work on one room every day to clear out dust and clutter, and it’s starting to look live-able again!

That’s all for this month. Have a great weekend!

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information.