Weekly Shopping and Menu 7-25-16

30 dollar shopping

I have a slightly shorter grocery list this week. I only had to plan 4 dinners (plus leftover night), because we’re going on a mini-vacation Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! I’ll give you all a full recap next week, but that’s why this week’s list looks a little light. John and I were sick for about half of last week. Summer […]

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The Kids Behind The Blog: July 2016


It’s that time again to join Wife, Mommy, Me in her monthly Kids Behind the Blog series! It’s now the middle of Summer and we’ve done all sorts of fun things, so this month is obviously Summer-themed. Allison’s been rambling a lot more than usual recently, mostly re-telling movies or books using herself as a self-insert character. Right now it’s […]

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ikea love

IKEA, to me, is much more than a store. It’s an experience, and you have to go at least once and plan to be there for like 5 hours (Easier said than done with kids). From endless furniture and decor to dirt cheap and delicious breakfast, IKEA can easily be a fun day trip. The closest one to us is […]

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