Have a Beautiful Look on a Budget

Image credit: flickr.com Today’s post is a special guest post from Zara Lewis! She graciously wrote a post for me on having a beautiful look on a budget, because I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to makeup. I’m hoping she can help enlighten you (and me!) on how to have healthier, better-looking skin without breaking the […]

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Birthday Weekend Fun!

Birthday weekend

This weekend was AMAZING. I wasn’t looking forward to turning 30, but this whole weekend made the transition a lot easier. It started Saturday morning when I woke up super early (like 4:30 early) and walked into the kitchen to find John making this: My absolute favorite: Cookie cake! He told me he had made the cookie dough a few […]

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Weekly Shopping and Menu 5-23-16

30 dollar shopping

Click here for an explanation on how we’re eating for $30 a week! Holy cow, I’m recovering from an awesome weekend. Cookouts, cookie cake, King’s Island birthday celebration… I ate enough food to last me all week! I somehow fit in all the shopping this week, and I did really well! I’m getting out one of the hams from our […]

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Don’t Feel Guilty About Overeating


This probably seems like a strange and random post, but it’s been something that’s been on my mind the past couple weeks. For those that don’t know, I lost 25 pounds in the past year and am back to pre-baby weight, and I’ve been maintaining my weight since then using MyFitnessPal and continuing my workouts. I’m a little more lax […]

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